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Migraines and Jaw Pain

Patient Profile:

Emily, a 36 year old female, suffers from excruciating migraines and jaw pain almost daily. Onset of her symptoms began 5+years ago and progressively got worse after giving birth to her son 3 years ago. Her jaw pain was caused by uncontrollable clenching of her teeth, especially at night. The migraines were debilitating and frequently left her bedridden. Prescription and over-the counter pain medicine eventually stopped working.

Treatment: After extensive research on pain management of migraines, Emily discovered acupuncture has helped others with the same problems. She decided to give Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a chance and took the first step towards healing by calling me at 7 Sages Acupuncture and Herbs. We set up a plan for her treatments, which included how many treatments she will need and how often she needed to come in per week.

Results: I was able to help her bring down her migraines and jaw pain levels instantly after her first visit. Between her 1st and 5th visit, she experienced about one episode a week with a pain level of 1 or 2 out of 10. After her 5th visit, the headaches were infrequent and much less intense. Along with acupuncture treatments, I coached her on important lifestyle changes, including diet choices and stress management. Combination of therapy will improve symptoms and will ensure long-term success.

A woman touching her temples with her eyes closed.
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