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“My husband and I tried for a baby for 2.5 years. After a miscarriage and hearing that acupuncture could help, I decided to give it a try. To be honest, I was pretty skeptical at first about whether it would really work. With a hopeful heart, I began 45 minute acupuncture sessions with Kim once a week and when my schedule allowed, twice a week. Three months after miscarrying and being treated by Kim, I got pregnant! However, my worries didn’t stop there given the previous miscarriage, as I became overwhelmingly concerned about making it past the first trimester. With Kim’s professional advice and continued treatment, I am now 18 weeks and cannot be thankful enough! I highly recommend acupuncture for women with challenges in conceiving and maintaining their pregnancies, especially before or in conjunction with IVF. I found much success with Kim and hope other women will too.”

–Cindy N.

Two couples holding an ultrasound picture together and the man is kissing the woman in the forehead.
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