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Incontinence, Arthritis, Diabetes

Patient Presentation:

63 years old male patient seeking treatment for incontinence.

Also has diabetes and arthritis in his knees.

Symptoms started over a year ago with frequent and urgent urination with inability to control his bladder.

He can barely finish 4oz of water before having to rush to the restroom. The inability to control his bladder has caused him high level of stress and embarrassment.

He has tried acupuncture before for his incontinence but it was not effective. But he was willing to give it another chance.

The pain in his knees is exacerbated by walking or standing for too long. He is overweight but is trying to lose weight. He is also trying to control his diabetes through dieting but hasn’t been very successful.

Result: By his 5th treatment, he was able to drink up to 16oz of water and not have the urgency to pee for at least an hour. By his 10th treatment, he was able to do yoga and walk around his neighborhood without any knee pain. With proper diet guidance, he has lost 18 lbs (as of Dec 29, 2020).

A half body of a man who is holding his crutch because he is in pain.
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