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Interstitial Cystitis

Patient Presentation:

42 years old female presented with painful symptoms resulting from interstitial cystitis. She has been suffering from this, on and off for a few years. She described her pain level to range anywhere between 3-7 out of 10. Upon her visit, her pain level was a 3/10. Symptoms include bladder pain, pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, urgency to urination.

Treatments: 3

Result: By the end of the first session, her pain was gone. She came back 2 days later and reported that the pain came back that morning with a pain level of 2/10. She no longer felt the pain after the needle insertion. Patient came back 4 days later and said the pain level is now 1/10, and last for about 15 mins. I followed up with her 3 weeks after her last treatment and she reported that she has not felt any pain since the last treatment.

A lady sitting and feeling sharp lower abdominal pain, suffering from cystitis
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