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Natural Fertility with PCOS

Patient Presentation:

31 years old patient with PCOS seeking treatment for amenorrhea and fertility. She started having reproductive issues after having her first baby. She was diagnosed with PCOS and was prescribed medication by her OBGYN to force menstruation. Her period came with the meds but stopped after she finished her prescription. She came to me because she and her husband want to try for another baby. She tracks her ovulation through BBT and noticed that she hasn’t ovulated in over 5 months.

This patient also had symptoms of dry eyes, occasional headaches, neck stiffness, chronic loose stool, hormonal acne, and stubborn weight gain.

Treatment: 2x/week for 11 months with Chinese herbs. She stayed from 1-1.5hrs for each treatment.

Result: By the 3rd month of her treatment with me, she started menstruating and ovulating on her own consistently. By the 10 month of her treatment, her menstruation cycle was every 60 days with no PMS, no clots, no headaches, and no cramps. Her dry eyes have improved tremendously and her neck stiffness is gone. Her stool is regular and hormonal acne is not as persistent. With PCOS, it was much harder to treat her weight gain but the end goal is to help her achieve pregnancy and have a healthy baby.


A woman sitting and smiling while holding her pregnant belly.
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