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Neck Pain and Stiffness

Patient Presentation:

52 years old male with acute onset of right side neck pain and stiffness. This patient was a complete skeptic and did not think acupuncture would work. He has tried acupuncture once before and did not find it to be effective. His wife contact me and ask me to treat him because he was only able to turn his head to the right at about a 45 degrees turn before he feels the stiffness and pain. It prevented him from sleeping through the night. His pain level was 8 out of 10.

Treatment protocol: 1 treatment

Result: Patient felt instantly better and was able to turn his head completely to the right. He has not has any stiffness or pain since his treatment. Til this day this patient is still shock that my treatment worked but I was not surprise. I have helped many others suffering from pain with acupuncture.

A middle aged man with his hand on the back of his neck and his eyes are closed.
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