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Optimizing Your Fertility



      I praise you for your proactive effort to be a healthier version of yourself and build a healthy baby palace. Along with your acupuncture treatments, please find some time to meditate, relax your mind, and find time for YOU. Please read the following suggestions slowly and thoroughly and incorporate them into your daily life. 


1.     Please do things SLOWLY.


2.     Swallow and chew your food SLOWLY. Allow your body to absorb the nutrients that you are putting into it to nourish the home for your future baby. 


3.     Manifest positive energy and expectations. "Your Body Achieves What Your Mind Believes" 


4.     Although I cannot help every patient get pregnant, our work together is to increase your chance of conception by giving you a more supportive, receptive, friendly uterus and a healthy egg that is ready to be fertilized.  


5.  I advise you to only share your fertility journey with those who are 100% supportive of your journey. There is no room for any negative energy around you.  


6.     Find ways to decompress and destress. Stress will not help your fertility journey but is most likely hindering it. A great way is with my Optimal Fertility RTT meditation guide. I encourage you to listen to it before bed and especially during your acupuncture treatment.

Click HERE for access to the Optimal Fertility RTT meditation guide.


7.     Do Qi Gong EVERY DAY. Qi Gong helps your body find balance and heal. Preferably outside with nature and with bare feet on grass, dirt, or sand but do it anywhere/any way you can. You can read my blog about the Benefits of Qi Gong HERE.


This is one of my favorite qigong tutorial by Mimi Kuo-Deemer​

8.  Eat food that is "made by nature, not by manufacturer". Heal your body with "whole" foods, which are unprocessed, nature-made, organic foods. Reduce your carb and eliminate your sugar intake. Avoid raw and cold food, especially during the cold season. Find balance in your diet.

For recipes and fertility diet guidance, please download the pdf by Acubalance Wellness Centre:

**I recommend Folate instead of Folic Acid for your Multi-Vitamins.

9. Track your Fertility:

  • Make sure you are getting quality sleep. This means that you are waking up feeling refreshed and not as though you haven't had enough sleep.

  • Track your BBT (Basal Body Temperature) (you can find use THIS CHART (choose the Fahrenheit long chart) and update it before each acupuncture visit. Don't forget to bring it)

  • Menstrual cycle (note each cycle's quality, quantity, consistencies, and PMS symptoms)

  • Follow the diet recommendations

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