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Amenorrhea and PCOS

Patient Presentation:

30 Years old female, stopped having her period 6 months after delivering her son. She missed her menstruation in July and August of 2019 with no signs of possible miscarriage or pregnancy. Patient was also diagnosed with PCOS and was put on progesterone medication in September by her MD to promote menstruation. Her menstruation came in October without ovulation and ceased thereafter with spotting every 50 days. She started seeing me in December 2019.

Result: Her period came after 1.5 months of acupuncture treatments and after 3 months of treatment, she started ovulating again and her menstrual cycle has been every 32-60 days.

Treatment Protocol: 1-2 treatments/week with herbal prescriptions.

A halfbody photo of a naked woman showing her curve and her legs.She covered her genital with grapes
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