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Fertility: IVF Patient with PCOS

Patient Presentation:

37 yrs old female came in for fertility treatment. She and her husband has been TTC for 2 years. She has done one round of IUI without success and developed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Patient was diagnosed with PCOS. She planned to do IVF but heard that acupuncture can help increase the chance of fertility success. Her first acupuncture treatment was in January. Her egg retrieval date was in March and transfer date was in June.

Treatment Protocol: 2x/week until her retrieval date. 3x/week for the week before her retrieval. She was also prescribed herbs. 1-2x/week until transfer date.

Result: 23 eggs retrieved, 21 fertilized, 8 embryos in which 3 were healthy. Patient is currently pregnant.

A hand in a pink background holding a pregnancy test showing a positive result.
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