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Five Element Personality Type- Which Type Are You?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each person has a unique combination of the Five Elements. This combination largely determines many aspects of one's personality, including character traits and behavioral patterns.

Even with this combination, many of us will have a dominant element, which is said to be our Element Type.

What Are The Five Elements of Personality Trait?

The ancient Chinese philosophers believed that everything in the natural world could be broken down into five energy types: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. They used these elements to describe how we are so similar yet unique.

Usually, there are one or two dominant elements in a person. Below, you'll find a description of each of the five elemental stereotypes. Included is a list of illnesses and suggestions for staying healthy.

What is your Personality Type?

Wood Element

Wood's strength comes from its capacity to expand and build pressure rapidly. Wood is a versatile

material that can be used in many ways. It is flexible but can also broaden quickly to form a barrier or attack. Wood types need to modulate their intensity and flexibility to retreat when threatened and resume the fight when there is an opportunity.

Wood people are either excellent planners or have trouble carrying out their plans. When out of balance, they can be indecisive and pessimistic or have no hope for the future.

  • Very organized and logical

  • Thinkers- their mind is always on the go, so they tend always to be doing something

  • Seek challenges and push to the limit.

  • Loves action and movement

  • Likes to be the first and the best

  • Competitive

  • Adventurous

  • Visionaries with wild imaginations

Common Problems:

  • Overly competitive

  • Argumentative

  • Likes to prove why they are right, and others are wrong

  • Intolerance and impatience

  • Volatile emotions

  • Irritable and easily frustrated

  • Extremism; impulsive or over-disciplined, self-indulgent or self-punishing

  • Craves alcohol or other unhealthy ways to relieve stress

  • Vascular headaches, muscle spasms, high blood pressure, nerve inflammations, migratory/moving pain

  • PMS and headaches.

Physical Characteristics of Wood Elements:

  • Tall and muscular

  • Thin and long face

  • Long nose

  • Broad and high forehead

  • Slender cheeks

  • Square physique

  • Straight back

  • Walks with determination

Associated Emotion: Anger

Anger is a common emotion that can lead to extreme reactions. Wood types are easily angered and are prone to shouting when frustrated or thwarted in some way. This imbalance of Qi (energy) and Blood causes tension and stress. They often exercise great self-discipline to maintain composure and self-control.

Strong Points: Bones and Sinews

Life Guide for the Wood Types:

  • During misunderstandings, choose to compromise and understand

  • Be open to learning, be flexible

  • Take time to be out in the nature

  • Relieve stress with Tai chi, Qi Gong, or Yoga

  • Avoid alcohol because the organ associated with Wood types is the Liver

  • Eat sour foods to stimulate the Liver

Water Element

Water is powerful because it can conceive, concentrate and conserve.

Water types quickly adapt and efficiently achieve their goals by deciding which is the best direction through a situation. They go with the flow, are strong-willed, and get things done. They are known for their determination and are often described as self-sufficient or independent.

  • Stays away from public places

  • Mostly introverts and prefers to be surrounded by close friends

  • Likes privacy and anonymity

  • Enigmatic, introspective

  • Critical and cynical

  • Self-contained and self-sufficient

  • Penetrating, essential, and scrutinizing

  • Seeks knowledge and understanding

  • Articulate, clever

Common Problems:

  • Struggles to bring their visions to reality, having a hard time accomplishing their task or goals

  • Detached, isolation and loneliness

  • Impenetrable

  • Pessimistic

  • Unforgiving and suspicious

  • Tactless, blunt

  • Lower back pain and urinary diseases, such as cystitis, incontinence, and kidney stones.

Physical Characteristics of Water Elements:

  • Round face

  • Round, soft body

  • Large, soft, doe eyes

  • Dark hair

  • If there's an imbalance in the body, there are dark under eyes

  • Pale face and skin

  • The spine is longer than normal

Associated Emotion: Fear

Someone in the grip of fear is preoccupied with escape. They escape their fears by being isolated, hiding from the world, and imagining calamity and disaster lurking around every corner. They are critical and cynical, believing that the world is fundamentally harsh and unsafe. Their isolation from the world may eventually make them cold and hard, impervious to others, and devoid of spirit.

Strong point: The Digestive System

Life Guide for the Water Types:

  • Prioritize your social life, do not be too isolated

  • Add warm soup and stew to your diet- especially during winter

  • Avoid cold foods and salads, especially during winter

  • Add seaweed to your diet

  • Balance your toughness, bluntness, and detachment with sensitivity, openness, contact, risking softness, exposure, attachment, and tenderness

  • Drink more water

  • Fear is a sign that a water element type is imbalanced; find ways to overcome timidity

Fire Element

Fire is a purifier and the fuel of life, the ultimate symbol of freedom and liberation.

Fire has the power to light the world. It can burn, it can smolder, and it can burn bright. Fire types need to balance their chemistry and contain their resources, withdrawing and separating as well as embracing and merging.

Fire Elementals are usually quite outgoing and friendly. They love to connect with others, participate in large social gatherings, and be the center of attention. Fire people love to be part of a big crowd, often very kind, good-hearted, and caring, making them very skillful at working with others. If your day has been rough, if you're having a bad day, their enthusiasm may be able to remind you of the beauty that exists in the world around you.

  • Extroverts

  • Charismatic and desirable

  • Creative

  • Intuitive and Emphatic

  • Eloquent and expressive

  • Energetic

  • Enthusiastic

  • Likes to be hot, vibrant, and bright

  • Loves intimacy

Common Problems:

  • A "Yes" man, does not know how to say no; there are no clear boundaries

  • Anxiety, insomnia, and depression

  • Over-committed and scattered

  • Sweating, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and high cholesterol

  • Over-heating, acne, and skin rashes

  • Cardiovascular problems like hypertension, palpitations, arrhythmia, arterial circulation

  • Mind-altering drug addiction

Physical Characteristics often associated with Fire Elements:

  • Sometimes have red/ginger hair and freckles

  • They may have ruddy complexions

  • Prominent cheekbones

  • Well-proportioned physiques

  • Delicate hands and feet

  • Reddish face

  • Curly hair

  • Pointed head/chin

  • Long neck, arms, and legs

Associated Emotion: Joy

Fire people are driven by their pursuit of pleasure and become jaded when they do not receive enough stimulation or attention. They need the constant approval and attention of others to feel satisfied. They appear fun-loving and romantic, but in reality, they are unable to sustain their interest and excitement without outside help and other people's attention.

Strong point: Blood vessels and Blood

Life Guide for the Fire Types:

  • Balance your social life

  • Take some alone time

  • Meditate, practice relaxation techniques and stress management to calm your nerves

  • Always plan ahead

  • Prioritize what's important

  • Fire types thrive on consistency; follow a regular daily pattern, regular small meals, regular gentle exercise

  • Avoid spicy food to avoid over-heating

  • Eat bitter foods

  • Eat cooling foods like cucumber, yogurt, and pears.

  • Eat more dark leafy greens

  • Eat a low-salt diet

  • Avoid smoking

  • Avoid excessive alcohol drinking

Earth Element

The earth has the power to link, nurture, and sustain.

Earth types tend to find peace and serenity in their surroundings. They are nurturing and caring people who welcome strangers into their lives. Because of their understanding nature, they are natural arbitrators who can resolve disputes between others quickly and effectively.

  • Nurturing and kind

  • Fully authentic and honest

  • Great as parents, partners, or as a friend

  • Great healers

  • Great caretakers

  • Sympathetic

  • Reliable

  • Likes to be in charge but not in the spotlight

  • Agreeable and accommodating

  • Wants to be all things to all people

  • Seeks harmony and togetherness

  • Insists upon loyalty, security, and predictability

Common Problems:

  • Codependent tendency

  • Can become overly involved with other people's life

  • Overprotective

  • Unrealistic expectations and disappointment

  • Tormented by their over-concern with other people; overthinking

  • Obsessive and intrusive

  • Digestive problems, loose stools, fatigue, food allergies

  • Overeating, obesity, stomach ulcers, and diabetes

  • Arthritis, irregular periods, weight gain from cycle to cycle

  • Men could get early prostatitis

Physical Characteristics of Earth Elements:

  • Large features; especially the mouth

  • Wide jaw

  • The body is often thick and curvy

  • Dark-ish face

  • Large head

  • Strong thighs'

  • Soft, peachy skin

  • Round, firm physique

Associated Emotion: Rumination/Sympathy

An overly pensive and contemplative person can become caught up in circular thinking, often obsessing over details and worrying over things that have already happened.

Strong point: Muscles

Life Guide for the Earth Types:

  • Balance your devotion to your relationships with self-expression and solitude; develop self-reliance.

  • Develop good boundaries

  • Learn to say "no."

  • Find time to refuel and be alone with nature.

  • Keep your mind focused on the present and do not overthink and worry too much about things in the future that may not happen.

  • Avoid eating sweets

  • Eat sweet vegetables like carrots and yams.

Metal Element

Metal's power comes from the ability to shape and refine. Metal types are controlled and meticulous but can be passionate and spontaneous.

They're smart, disciplined, and organized. They have a sharp wit and an analytical mind. They're capable of self-discipline, which can make them successful. They like structure and tend to be systematic and organized.

  • Great at planning

  • Excellent Leadership

  • Methodical and organized

  • Organized and clean

  • Likes definition, structure, discipline

  • Sets high standards for oneself and others

Common Problems:

  • Too detached and inaccessible

  • Fearful of true intimacy

  • Indifference and inhibition

  • Autocratic, strict, difficult to please

  • Asthma, constipation, or frigidity

  • Ligament and joint problems, Tennis elbow, arthritis in the shoulder, and deforming rheumatism

  • Tactless

Physical Characteristics of Metal Elements:

  • Strong, muscular body

  • Broad shoulders

  • Oval face

  • Wide set of cheekbones

  • Pale complexion

  • Often have straight hair

Associated Emotion: Sadness/Grief

When sadness overwhelms, a person may isolate and defend himself/herself from the pleasure of attachment and loss. Metal pain types arrange their life to avoid risks, the vagaries of passion, and the possibility of losing control. They may become possessive and acquisitive to control their environment. Striving for self-protection keeps Them too distant from others, afraid of true intimacy. Their life is designed to keep their feelings in.

Strong point: Voice and lungs

Life Guide for the Metal Types:

  • Seek help so you can let go of the past and form good relationships

  • Avoid junk foods

  • Self-righteousness is a way for metal types to protect themselves from pain; find a healthier way to express your feelings.

  • Meditate, activities that let you focus on your breathing

  • Strengthen your lungs with regular aerobic exercise

  • Eat foods that are high in minerals.

  • Eat leafy green vegetables.

  • Add white foods like mushrooms to your diet.

Each element corresponds to a TASTE, EMOTION, BODY PART, INTERNAL ORGAN and CLIMATE.

See the table below:

The Five-Element Theory is one of the acupuncturists' main tools to understand a patient's personality, nature and symptoms. Knowing your five-element personality type can help you take better care of yourself. Discovering the personality type of intimate partners or friends is also fun and important. Knowing this information can lead to better relationships and a greater understanding of each other's flaws and weaknesses and why we sometimes act the way we do. By keeping your five-element personality type in mind, you can make choices about your health that will help you create a lifetime of wellness.

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