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Chronic Illness Management

Kim has changed my life . I was suffering from chronic migraines 6+ times a week but I'm down to just a few a month which is life changing for me. She's helped so many of my friends with fertility issues and has helped me  with my own hormonal issues . I no longer suffer from cramps during my period and no longer have a "heavy day". I used to bleed for 6 days and now it's 3-4 with no cramps and no PMS. I refer everyone to Kim because she's made my life happy again! Listen to her, follow her treatment and diet, and you won't be steered wrong ! Thank you Kim you're amazing !

-Lysena S.

I came to 7 Sages in desperate need for help. I was suffering from shortness of breath due to chronic back pain that felt like it was pulling on my chest. I went to her twice a week for about a month and then once a week. She helped my pain go from a 10 to a 1. So thankful for this place

-Samantha C.

Like most people who seek out acupuncture, I was dealing with a sudden onset of a health issue that I had no idea how to treat. It was daunting to realize it might be chronic and I'd just have to live with it. Kim's "program" is unique and I feel her main focus is consistency in appointments. This is really where she differs from other places.I went about 3x a week, then 2x a week, and then it tapers off depending on your symptoms. 20+ sessions later, I am completely rid of my health issue and feeling renewed. Realistically, I attribute it to other things I also do b/c restoring my health was really a multi-faceted problem. But without a doubt acupuncture played a big role in that. Kim looks at the underlying issues and the big picture. She's efficient with her appointments, compassionate, and very knowledgeable (I ask a lot of questions). Also shout out to Derek at the front desk who is helpful and patient!I recommend adding 7 Sages to your tool kit if you're dealing with anything that's hard to treat or you feel you've tried every conventional health thing. I'm now doing maintenance once a week and it's really nice to come to de-stress for 45 minutes.

-Jennifer T.

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