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I have been seeing Kim for the past few months. This was my first ever experience with acupuncture. I started seeing her for stress and anxiety.  After this first few visits I started feeling much better and so relaxed after my visits.  I go in weekly to see her and look forward to my visits.  Always feel so relaxed and refreshed afterwards. Kim is very knowledgeable and address any concerns I have and offers solutions and treatments when I am in her office.

-Dustin R.

Kim is by the far the BEST acupuncturist I have seen! She is so caring and truly wants her clients to feel better! She has specifically helped me with my fatigue, stress, anxiety, hormone balance, menstrual cycle, and acne! She uses the Balance Method and knows so much! I highly recommend her and am so grateful to have her as my acupuncturist!!

-Nobuko S.

Happy carefree woman vitality freedom standing with her hand outstretched, embracing nature outdoors and a warm rays of the sun

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

I've been treated by Kim for a few years now and recently lost my mom. I went in for my routine appt and she asked me how I was doing.  I told her about my loss. I was a well of emotions and she knew exactly how to treat me. She did her ninja magic and left the room. Immediately a rush of feelings came over me, my eyes swelled with tears and I began to sob. It was such a dump of emotions and it felt so good releasing it. After, she asked how I was feeling and I explained what happened. She asked if I felt any better and I said yes, lighter. It was exactly what I needed. Her intuition and method are on point. Thanks Kim for all your kindness & awareness.

-Elizabeth A.

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