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Pain Relief

I have been going to 7 sages acupuncture for the past 3 weeks.  I will admit that acupuncture was my last resort to help my severe sciatica pain.  Before Kim started treating me, I have never tried acupuncture.  My whole life, I have always received care from medical doctors / hospitals.
Starting in April, I went to see my medical doctor and they prescribed meloxicam anti inflammatory medicine for 4 weeks.  I took it everyday for 30 days.  Once I completed this prescription, My pain did not go away.  Next my doctor prescribed me 800mg ibuprofen/hydrocordone to treat my pain.  I was on this prescription for another month.  30 days later, my pain level did not get any better.  There was only relief once I took it, but once the medication wore off, my severe pain was back.  I couldn't sleep at night.  Standing up, sitting down, putting on socks/shoes, driving, carrying my kids, walking and life's daily tasks were so painful to do.   At this point, I completed two prescriptions and nothing has changed. It has been two long and painful months taking in all this medication that did not make a difference.  Worse, I was experiencing all of the bad side effects such as  constipation, bloating, and hemorrhoids.

so next my doctor recommended and prescribed prednisone which is a steroid  to treat me.  I have never doubted my doctor anytime she prescribed something.  But after careful consideration and having a gut feeling this did not feel right, I realized that I did not want to proceed any further with these medications.

Frustrated and confused, I questioned if i was ever going to feel better.  I felt like I have exhausted all options I have always known and nothing has changed.


My wife, family, and friends have always recommended acupuncture to me but I never tried alternative eastern medicine.  I have always went to the doctor to treat me medically.  I have resisted trying acupuncture for all these months.  I would admit that I was a non believer in acupuncture.  

I finally decided to give acupuncture a try and I am so glad, relieved, and thankful I was referred to 7 sages acupuncture.   

When I first arrived,  the receptionist Derek was very accommodating.  He answered all questions I had and he was sincerely concerned about my health.  To this day Derek  still follows up with me to see how I'm feeling and always asks if there is anything I need.  It truly feels like family when you come into the office.


Then when Kim started treating me, she was very honest, thorough and up front with me.  She explained the steps we would take to improve my health and let me know what I would and would not be experiencing in the days and weeks ahead.  I appreciate her honesty because she set realistic expectations from the start.  She frankly told me that it would take at least 7-8 sessions before my pain would feel better.  She was very thorough in her examination and questions to make sure I would receive the best and most effective care possible.  She recommended that I schedule 2-3 sessions a week to accelerate the healing time.  I took comfort with all the attention and care I received from Kim and Derek.  I proceeded and trusted Kim's recommended pathway to healing.   Through 5 sessions, my pain level was at a 10 and it decreased to a 5.  My back pain that radiates up and down my leg doesn't keep me up at night anymore.  I finally can sleep.  I can put my socks and shoes on without grimacing and hurting.  I am able to get in and out of the car without severe pain.  I will be honest that I still experience some pain and soreness, but I am accepting of this because Kim had set this expectation from the start.  But most importantly, I feel there has been change and improvement 15 days into this journey.  I truly believe it is only a matter of time before l get better -- NOT IF I will get better.  I take comfort knowing that I don't have to take any anti inflammatory medication, pain medication, and steroids to feel better.  I will feel better as long as I stay committed to Kim's plan.  I look forward to continuing my journey with 7 Sages Acupuncture to get healthy and pain free again.  Looking back,  I regret and wish I would have started acupuncture with Kim earlier.  I very much recommend 7 sages Acupuncture for their genuine care and attention to the patient.  The service is above and beyond anything I have ever received.  Thank you so much Kim for the care and giving me the opportunity to heal and feel healthy again.  I am a firm believer in accupuncture and especially Kim's methodical and genuine approach to caring for the patient.  Thank you, thank you!

-Nhan Larry N.

Phenomenal experience! If you haven’t tried acupuncture yet please do! I have been having abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and constipation for a while, and this fixed it! Thank you so much!!


Glad I finally went to see an acupuncturist! I'm a super skeptic before going and thinking that "what? little needles are going to help me? doubt it".
Ha. I was wrong. go figure. Glad I am though because WFH due to the pandemic and sitting at my desk all day really tense up my shoulders and was hurting.
7 Sages (Kim) is a wonderful acupuncturist who is really attentive to what I needed to feel better and provided me a recommended plan to follow.
Kim has been treating me for 2x week for almost a year and I enjoy going back as I have horrible posture at home which would undoubtabley be worst if it weren't for her help.
Her practice is also clean, calming, and relaxing which is a must for me

--Lan L.

Was very skeptic if Acupuncture would work for me after an on going back injury where I could not bend more than 45 degrees without feeling a sharp pain on my lower back. During the first session Kim was very welcoming and informative about the procedure and how her treatment works. I was blown away at how the pain went away during the first session and was able to fully bend without pain. I followed Kims advice and continued my sessions for a month until she felt they were no longer required. I would recommend 7 sages.

-Erick O.

I've been going to Kim for treatments for multiple ailments but what I have noticed the most is how my body is responding to the treatment. I was in a car accident in 2005 which left me paralyzed on the left side. I was able to gain full function again through therapy but the pain to my lower back and my head is always there. Since then I have always felt this pain on a daily basis. I also have the lack of energy to do anything after work. Since I started treatment, I have been feeling great! My back doesn't hurt as much and I don't have daily migraine! I have even felt more energy at the end of the day compare to before. I love everything that Kim have done for me in my recovery process. She gives off healing and positive energy that I feel contributes to my healing a lot! Due to that, her healing process is more successful because she takes the time to listen to my needs and assures me that I can heal. For the short period that I've been receiving treatment from Kim, I feel the positive change already (physically and emotionally).

-Kim O.

I have done acupuncture for about a year. I switched to 7 Sages Acupuncture a few weeks ago. I met Kim Le-Nguyen and was so impressed with her. She is so knowledgeable and caring. I have known her wonderful extended family for years. She as caring and sweet as her extended family. I feel so relaxed and at peace during the treatments. She is the best. If you need help with pain control, please try her. She is the best!

-Marnell K.

I‘ve been going to acupuncture with Kim Le-Nguyen for about Five weeks now. She is the nicest you’ll ever meet. She is extremely diligent , And thorough when it comes to acupuncture. Checking your overall health. My favorite part of the service she sends you home refreshed. Her office is very sanitary, flawless, And makes you feel very comfortable . My right knee, lower back as well as my back left shoulder went from a 10 to a 1 threshold. I recommend and highly advise Kim Le-Nguyen if your having any pain.

-Arthur S.

Amazing! I had back surgery 6 years ago and although I was much improved due to surgery I still had daily pain and I just assumed that was how it would always be. A friend recommended acupuncture and I figured it couldn't hurt right! I had serious doubts but gave it a try. I cant even put into words how shocked I was to feel a difference after just one session! I wasn't able to bend from the waist without much pain, slept terribly and getting up from either laying down or sitting for too long was a whole process. After just a few session with Kim I am now able to bend and touch my toes, sleeping better then ever, I'm even walking different! I feel so great and look forward to each of my sessions!

-Theresa V.

I came to 7 Sages in desperate need for help. I was suffering from shortness of breath due to chronic back pain that felt like it was pulling on my chest. I went to her twice a week for about a month and then once a week. She helped my pain go from a 10 to a 1. So thankful for this place

--Samantha C.

Amazing acupuncturist. I broke my wrist, was looking to speed up the healing process, avoid surgery and get the cast off sooner than the estimated 12 weeks. Kim delivered! Very happy with my investment

--Echo T.

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