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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Amazing Kim!! I went to see Kim for Cosmetic Acupuncture as I was looking for a natural alternative to aging gracefully. She explained in detail what to expect, as cosmetic acupuncture isn't instantaneous. My neck was the main focus in the process and Kim delivered beyond what my expectations were without Botox or a lower face/neck lift! During treatment I had hurt my front hip flexor while working out at home and was in a lot of pain. Kim needled me up. With the acupuncture treatment from Kim, I was on my way to recovery, was able to reduce the pain, sleep better and get back to my workouts. I am incredibly happy with the results and will return! 


“I just finished my Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments with Kim and I am so happy with the results. My face has a glow to it, my skin is softer and many of my deep wrinkles have either disappeared or drastically been reduced. I’m 58 yrs young and my skin hasn’t looked this good in many, many years. I can’t thank Kim enough for her gentle hand and amazing acupuncture skills. Anyone lucky enough to visit this Acu Studio, is in for a treat!!”

-Melanie W.

She is professional, patient, knowledgeable, skilled + caring. Can't ask for a better wellness provider! Her Balance Method is nothing short of magic and gave me instant relief to my tailbone injury from a hoverboard incident as I was sitting in her chair. I got 50 needles in my face to help with stubborn signs of aging, and I can't wait for the next 50! Her approach to cosmetic acupuncture is truly holistic, as she treats the body along with the face.


I have always been a firm believer of being au naturel but as I get older Father Time makes it harder to do so. I don’t like the idea of botox and putting foreign things in my body so facial acupuncture was the way to go. I went in without expectations but after 8 treatments, I’m left wanting more!! The fine lines are gone. My complexion is so much smoother. The redness and blotchiness is gone. My laugh lines are not as deep as before but I think with a few more sessions they will barely be visible. Getting older is inevitable but we can all age with grace…and minimal lines. Thank you Kim for needling me to younger, smoother skin. I would highly recommend her skills to anyone and everyone!!​

-Elizabeth A.

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