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“Having children has always been a goal in life for me and my husband. Struggles came as soon as we started trying 8 years ago. We found out after a couple miscarriages that I have translocation of chromosomes, so having a child naturally would be difficult. We decided to move forward with IVF with one of the best fertility doctors in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, we only had 14 eggs retrieved, 6 fertilized, and none made it to testing. After a few years, we decided to give IVF another try. This time I did 4 months of acupuncture with Kim prior to the retrieval. The month leading up to the egg retrieval, I saw Kim twice a week. This time around, we were able to retrieve 30 eggs, 20 of which fertilized, and 9 made it to testing. With Kim’s dietary guidance and acupuncture, I believe that it made all the difference the second time around.

During the 4 months, I went to Kim, I also noticed a big difference in my menstrual cycle. My periods were lighter, had little to no clots, and I had no premenstrual symptoms (no headaches, no cramps).

I am still getting weekly treatments with Kim to prep for my upcoming frozen embryo transfer. If successful, I still plan on continuing acupuncture treatments during pregnancy. I believe Kim will help me achieve my goal in having children. She really does make miracles happen!!”

–T. H.

Image by John Looy
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