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Shoulder Pain

Patient Presentation: 

43 years old male patient came into the clinic with right side shoulder pain. He practiced Ju Jitsu the day before and injured his shoulder. When he came into the office he was completely unable to move his arm. He said his pain level was 8/10 but it seem much higher. Even at the slightest touch to his shoulder made him wince in agony.

Treatment Protocol:

He came in 3x/week for one week. Then 1x/week until pain level becomes negligible.


After the 1st treatment, pain level decreased and was bearable. Patient was able to make lunch for his family. The patient woke up the following day and stretched his arms while yawning. He realized that he was able to.

By the 2nd treatment, patient was able to lift his arm without an issue. He felt a pain of 2/10 with very firm palpation.

A man in pain holding his right shoulder.
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