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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Interstitial Cystitis

Patient Presentation:

25 yrs old female presented with painful symptoms from pelvic floor dysfunction and interstitial cystitis. She was diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction in 2017 and interstitial cystitis in 2019.Her symptoms including the frequent need to pee, urine leakage, painful urination, constipation, and painful intercourse. Patient also report that her bladder feels as though it is constantly inflamed and very uncomfortable. Her pain level is a 8/10. Her currently health situation causes her high stress (stress level 7/10).

Treatment: 12 acupuncture treatments and herbs were prescribed

Result: she has less reoccurrence and when they do occur, the pain level ranges from 2-5/10. Her stress level is decreased to a 2/10 as she is not constantly hinder by her symptoms. Continued treatment is recommended until the symptoms are completely under control or at a negligible pain level.

A woman crutching her lower abdomen because she is in pain.
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